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A Musical Comedy

Is a story about Rachel & Tim, two thirty-somethings who belong to a local theatre group,  Faresham Operatic Society"Pharaoh's".
Neither have much luck in the relationship department. Rachel, whilst successful in work, always picks the wrong guys and Tim who's frankly never really had any luck at all!
Both spend their evenings at the local theatre group where we follow the twists and turns of their lives as the Company prepare for their next production. 
From all the feedback we received from audiences, "When it Rains..." encapsulates the world of amateur theatre with characters that are seemingly universal, in a funny, poignant way.



A Musical comedy





The journey of the show

Selected as one of the 5 finalists in the Vivien Ellis Prize in 1994 it went on to have productions at the Tower Theatre and The Kings Head (London). Then in 2008 a production at The Bull Theatre (London) the show was published and made available for amateur companies to stage with productions as far away as the Lake District.

Putting it Together

The show consists of 15 musical numbers with flexibility on cast size. originally designed for a large cast 16 + ( preferred by local groups) it can be scaled down to cast 10 ( with doubling).

Band & Score

With only a small band necessary with a minimum of 4. This too can be scaled up as the score exists for more instruments.

Guitar, Bass, Drum, Keys, (Sax/Trumpet).

"The Bitch Did!" The cast bemoan the fact that the casting is rigged ..yet again!

"We Like a Drink" is sung by the Stage Crew...

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments.

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