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A Young Persons Musical

Fame Idle is the story of three kids who are confused as to why everyone around them seems absessed with celebrity culture, and they are not.

It's a musical comedy with a moral message "Fame ain't all it's cracked up to be."

The play has a modern, contemporary score and a witty script that follows the characters as they discover what friensdhip really means when faced with a chance of fame - but at what cost?

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A Young Persons Musical




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So far...

The show has had over 150 production in the UK, US & across the world. It was devised to satisfy both the requirements of teachers and pupils to make the perfect end-of-year (YEAR 6) show with a running time of approx 50 minutes.

Putting it Together

With at least 30 parts and plenty to do on and off stage, there are lots of opportunities for kids, from one line to many, with group singing, solos for talented kids and opportunities to dance, make props etc - there is even a rap! All parts can be played by either girls or boys.

What people said...

"It is the perfect Year 6 end of year show - it will make you laugh and cry all in the same evening!"
Ms Baker
Year 6 teacher
All saints School London N20

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