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A Family Musical

A new family musical based on Frances Hodgson Burnett’s much loved story of childhood and friendship. A classic tale of a Little Princess who goes from riches to rags, only to discover that what truly matters in life is how you act, not what you own. Marc Folan’s richly melodic and lively score takes us to a Nineteenth Century London filled with adventure, emotion and humour. A compelling story with big, bold characters and a timeless theme.



A Family Musical



On both sides of the pond

Produced by Bodens Drama School at Wyllyotts Theatre in 2012, it was subsequently staged by KOTA Productions in a small venue in New York. This production then transferred to the Off - Broadway, Signature Theatre on 42nd St for an extended run.

After this, Marc began working with Carl Miller on Book and Lyrics. This led to the National Youth Music Theatre ( NYMT ) staging a production at London's "The Other Palace". This show then went back to NYC for another short Off-Broadway run in 2019.



Putting it Together

The show is designed for a fairly large cast with a lot of female roles. An ideal show for large ensembles and a sizeable band. However, the entire show is "tracked" and the highly produced backing tracks are available to companies wishing to avail of this feature.  
Both London and New York productions were ingenious in their set designs and thus kept the show flowing without the need for cumbersome set changes.



The Song extracts below

"Let me Be Me" is sung by Becky the parlour maid as she tries to explain life, to Sara.

"I'm a Dunce" is from Act 2. After Sara is sent to the attic to live with the rats, Ermengarde, unable to really see how bad things are for Sara, is wrapped up in her own little world...

"Who Can She Be?" is the opening number from Act 1.

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